Sometimes It’s Just Falling!

Success Occurs When Opportunity Meets Preparation – Zig Ziglar

Not much to see here. Just a kid getting buckets. My dad doesn’t record my games often. He says that he likes watching them and just being in the moment, but today he promised me that he would and so I decided to show him a little of what I could do. I hope that you like it. – Moses

Video Analysis Helps Training

Video analysis really does help young basketball players improve their game. It allows them to see what you see as a dad or coach sitting on the side lines. A lot of times I see parents sitting on the sidelines yelling at their young athletes to do this or do that often to the detriment of the team and often in total contradiction with what they are being told to do by the coach.

Video training is the biggest gift that a parent can give to their student athlete. Here is how it has helped us.

  1. It allows you to enjoy the game. (Albeit through the lens of the camera.)
  2. It allows you to let your child learn and grow as a player without worrying wether or not the are disappointing you.
  3. It removes all argument or frustration for you as a parent and for them as a player.

Analyzing video afterwards allows you to ask constructive questions of your child like.

  1. Why did you do this?
  2. Why did you pass in this situation?
  3. Why didn’t you shoot the ball?
  4. Why are you going here or there?
  5. Why are you SO GOOD! 🙂

Stuff like that. In my humble opinion the best time to review a game tape is 2-3 days after the game. It keeps the process exciting and eliminates the ol’ burn out.

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