Ball Is Life

The Game day came This week was a pretty special weekend. I learned a lot from Coach Q and the Oak Hill Coaches. We played over 35 hours of basketball in four days. Needless to say that after a week of the same grind in Kansas and the Bill Self Basketball Camp.....I WAS READY FOR ANOTHER WEEK! This camp was awesome! Championship day ... More

A scrimmage to remember

How it all played out At the beginning of the game everyone's spirits were high. We had the usual one on one games for bragging rights going on. The ones where I tell Moses to drive if he is faster than the defender and shoot mid-range jumpers if he is not and then he goes and shoots three pointers the whole time and tells me that he is ... More

Top High School Basketball Player

Latest Game

This weekend we are going to play an out of state tournament. It's a new team and there's a lot of pressure but as Kobe says pressure is my opportunity to rise. Time to Rise Up! Time to prepare to be a top basketball recruit in 2021. How do you do that you might ask. Well, there are a couple of ways to do that. Here are my favorite ... More

Basketball Summer Camps

KU Basketball Camp! I really liked this camp a lot! It was a sleep away camp, but I drove up with my dad and brother and I did it as a day camper. I think that it is  a great way to get some fundamental training as well as the ability to use the things that you learn in a game situation. I got to play up a grade which was really ... More

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Pre Season Drills

Don't show up when everyone else shows up and then get frustrated when either a. You don't play or.. b. You barely play. We all know that the coach has his or her favorites. There is always that one kid that has the green light no matter what. The get a lot of burn, as they say, and seem to never be pulled for making mistakes ... More

Sometimes It’s Just Falling!

Not much to see here. Just a kid getting buckets. My dad doesn't record my games often. He says that he likes watching them and just being in the moment, but today he promised me that he would and so I decided to show him a little of what I could do. I hope that you like it. - Moses Video Analysis Helps Training Video analysis really ... More

“An athlete cannot run with money in his pockets. He must run with hope in his heart and dreams in his head - Emil Zatopek