A scrimmage to remember

Today my team scrimmaged a really good local Billups team and we got our heads handed to us. We didn’t talk on defense, we didn’t talk on offense, we didn’t talk! We didn’t move the ball. We didn’t do a lot of things that we should have done, but since my dad was watching I will let him give you the blow by blow.

How it all played out

At the beginning of the game everyone’s spirits were high. We had the usual one on one games for bragging rights going on. The ones where I tell Moses to drive if he is faster than the defender and shoot mid-range jumpers if he is not and then he goes and shoots three pointers the whole time and tells me that he is just playing around. Uhhhuhhh

Well this team was ALL ABOUT THE BUSINESS. They came out and put up a quick 6 points. Moses’ team was looking shocked and puzzled. All of the talking and joking that the parents had warned them not to do before a big scrimmage was gone. Nobody was talking and laughing now. Everyone looked shocked and bewildered. That is when they really had a chance to learn why they should listen to their coaches.

The ball movement stopped and guys started playing one on one with a short pass at the end which was often picked off by the other team. It was a lesson in high level basketball. Kids held their follow through, moved the ball quickly, shot hi percentage shots and clearly won the scrimmage. The take aways that I hope that the boys received were.

  1. If you are looking to make basketball your career you have to always be working harder than you think. There is a young man or young woman out there who is better than you. Your hope is that you are a little better prepared than you need to be when you meet them.
  2. Talk!
  3. Hold Your Follow Through.
  4. Practice at game speed.
  5. Talk (i.e. call out picks)
  6. Set Picks.
  7. Move the ball!
  8. Talk on offense. Talk on defense.
  9. Two dribbles and then pass or shoot.
  10. Know what you are going to do before the ball gets there.
  11. oh and…….TALK!!
  • Game Preparation
    Game Preparation: IF you are actually going to be upset when you lose you might want to take the game preparation seriously. Does that mean that you have to be all serious and focused and not laughing? No, however, it does mean that you have to be focused and thinking about the events to come. You never know what the other team is going to do and if you are going to be sad if you lose, you might want to be preparing for the worst.
  • The First Half Of the Game
    The First Half Of the Game: (Dad’s Analysis) The game started out a bit rough. No one was scoring and everyone was playing solo basketball. That means no picks, no screens, just five guys standing, watching and waiting for their moment to get the ball and then dribble 5-10 times in hopes of making an “And 1” type of scoring move.

    After about the first two minutes the other team settled down and started playing team basketball. Just like that it was 8 to 0. As the game continued the other team settled into their rhythm and our team did not.

  • The Second Half
  • The Second Half: (Dad’s Analysis) The second half of the scrimmage was more of the same with the occasional score from our team. To be honest I think that the other team was getting tired and possibly realized that it was a scrimmage and let a few things go. The great thing that I hope was learned from all of this was team ball wins.



You can’t win unless you learn how to lose. – Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

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